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Joining The IDU

Why Should I Join The IDU?

We keep saying this - prevention is better than cure.

Our service concentrates on the core business of keeping you in a job and ensuring you’re treated fairly while you’re there. We do this at the most competitive price out there.

We are in a tough employment market. The risk of job loss – whatever the reason - is much higher than normal. Once you’ve lost your job, it’s a long route back. There’s no chance of taking your employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal if you’ve got less than 2 years’ service. If you do have the service, it’s a case of a costly, emotionally draining tribunal process and you have no guarantees of winning. You may be lucky enough to be covered for legal fees under your home insurance or to find a no-win no-fee deal. But even if you win your case, it’s unlikely you’ll go back to your employer – or get sufficient compensation. Often, you’ll be left with a stain on your employment record. Your prospects of getting another job will be severely damaged. In some cases, your reputation and career will be in tatters – not to mention your confidence.

Many, many dismissals are preventable so long as you have  high-quality representation at the right time during the internal processes with your employer. Hiring a lawyer is no good to you during internal processes – employers do not have to allow them into internal proceedings and processes* and the vast majority keep them out –  however, you do have a legal right to be accompanied and represented by an IDU Official.

If you do part company with your employer, our negotiation skills are top-notch. We’ll put our backs into limiting the damage: to you financially, to your career and to your future employability. Sometimes, the employment tribunal process is the only route through – we’ll act on your behalf where this is the right way forward.

The IDU goes where lawyers cannot reach.

No other trade union can match us on price  - and the service we will give you is second to none.

We have an excellent track-record - across all sectors of employment, at all levels of seniority and across a wide range of professions - in ensuring people facing difficulties at work keep their jobs.  

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*Lawyers are allowed by law in a very, very small minority of  tightly defined cases.