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You will see many reasons you should join us on the ‘why join?’ link. We also talk about why people should join us in our ‘FAQs’ page.

The vast majority of UK workers are not members of a trade union. Sometimes this is a conscious choice. At other times it may be that the particular person’s employer is not unionised, so people think
they either can’t be a member of a trade union or there will be no advantage to it – these beliefs are not accurate, see FAQs.

The reality is that the vast majority of UK workers are therefore comparatively more exposed to sub-standard treatment at work, not to mention at much higher risk of being unfairly dismissed. If they are dismissed, except in a small minority of cases, the chances of mounting a challenge are very low, often due to the inability to fund legal assistance.

On that subject, even if you are in the enviable position of having money for a lawyer, it is very unlikely that this will up your chances of keeping your job if you face trouble at work. Go to why join?’ to find out more  about this.

Give serious thought to joining the IDU. We believe we cannot be matched in our ability to act on behalf of and represent any type of worker you care to mention. It really is one of our unique selling points.

If you are unsure about joining us, please contact us and we will discuss it with you. There will be no pressure to join – just an opportunity for you to ask questions and to give you the information you need
to decide.

We’d be delighted if you decided to become a member - Join us