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IDU Legal is a FREE legal helpline is available exclusively to IDU members and their families. Call our helpline on 0333 305 4357 and quote your IDU membership number and you’ll get a direct link to expert solicitors, available to you to discuss a range of issues including:


Personal Injury

However you were injured in any kind of accident – at work, on your bike, in a road traffic accident - if it wasn't your fault or your employer did not take adequate steps to prevent it, then you are entitled to compensation. If your injuries are serious and have life-long consequences we will fight your cause tirelessly because it’s not just about the money.  The provision of early appropriate rehabilitation and continuing support is our priority and that is where a large part of any compensation award will be spent.  



Conveyancing services to help you buy or sell a property with the minimum of fuss, stress or delay.  So you know things are settled, we aim to achieve exchange of contracts within a maximum of 60 days after an initial offer has been accepted.  All-inclusive fixed charges will also give you certainty at a time when you need it most.   And if your house sale or purchase doesn't proceed, no matter what the reason, we won't charge you a penny for our legal fees.


 Wills & Probate

Specialist advice so you can  be certain that the people you want to inherit your property, possessions or cash get exactly what you wish them to receive.  We can sort out probate matters ranging from applying for a grant of representation to completing an inheritance tax form.  We can help with all the legal obligations that follow bereavement, especially if there is a need to seek answers about how death occurred at inquest or you urgently need to secure the financial future for your remaining family.


Motoring Offences

Legal advice whether you ride or drive for professional or social purposes.  A number of motoring offences carry a weighty points penalty that could mean you lose your licence and your livelihood. Our experienced motor specialists will give you clear, straightforward advice that aims to keep you on the road and in employment if at all possible.


Medical Negligence

IDU Legal work with the UK’s most respected teams of medico-legal experts with 135 years of experience between them.  They specialise in cases of medical or clinical negligence, care home neglect or abuse and have excellent contacts with other experts, support groups and charities that can give you and your family the support, rehabilitation and advice required for as long as it’s needed.   If you or a relative has suffered because of a medical mistake or poor care, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Education Law

Dedicated experts in education law and Special Educational Needs with experience of working with families facing wide-ranging and complex learning disabilities.  Specialists who can help ensure your child gets the maximum level of help and assistance they are entitled to. We provide help and advice about a range of educational issues including home education, post 16/19 issues and the cross-over between education, social care and health care.


Contact IDU Legal

Complete this form to request a call back or contact us directly on the helpline number on 0333 305 4357. You’ll get straight through to a trained, UK based, advisor who will listen to you and discuss your situation before introducing you to a professional solicitor who can help you further.


More Than Advice...

IDU Legal in partnership with leading law firm Access Legal also provide specially negotiated discounted rates on a range of legal services including wills and conveyancing and more. IDU Legal can provide quick and efficient personal legal advice, whatever your need or problem may be.